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The DIAMONDBACK is available on Microfilm at McKelden Library.  The yearbook is available for electronic viewing through Hornbake Library, and can be accessed (and pages printed) at no charge.  The tabs across the top of the home page identify documents pertaining to RTVF by published year.

RTVF began as SPEECH

What would become RATV began sometime prior to 1959 at Woods Hall.  Tele-courses were coming into vogue.  The University of Maryland was offering introductory Zoology classes either in the traditional classroom setting or via TV.  Parts of the campus were interconnected with cable (always referred to in those days as “coaxial cable” because the “coaxial” designation implied what would be known later as “broadband”).

These courses were produced live out of a studio at Woods Hall. The photo below was taken from the 1959 yearbook.  The CCU equipment is very likely Sarkes Tarzian equipment.  Sarkes Tarzian was a major player in the early days of television and CATV.

terrapinyearbook1959univ_0113croppedThe Diamondback featured several articles about the teleteaching activites.  Once such article describes the Zoology program.