Mysterious Artifact Found Under Film 11

Who might these people be?  Could they have imagined an internet that would one day make their cement work available to a global audience? Did they wonder if anyone would see their names one day?   I make the names out to be Burton, Matekjo, and Matthews.

UPDATE: As reported by Steve Howard and others, Tom Burton, John Matekjo, and Jeff Matthews were early engineers at what would have been called RATV at the time.  Steve took up the reigns following them.  This cement pour was likely done as equipment moved from its original location to Tawes.


One thought on “Mysterious Artifact Found Under Film 11

  1. John,

    Regarding this pic, the names were the three engineers before me and before Greg Mc Murray.
    Jeff Mathews who went on to CBS M Street and I think retired to Florida, Tom Burton who went on to a government job I think. And John Matekjo who went to Montgomery College and then I lost track of him. I worked for them before I took over the facility for a time.

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