Seconds to Play

The RTVF Department had an eclectic collection of videotape.  Instructors would schedule playbacks of certain programs to supplement their curriculum.  Somehow, I managed to leave the department without making a copy of “Seconds to Play”. It is a documentary that despite its age, still has appeal if you have ever felt the panic of losing genlock 2 minutes before air, or have had your posterior handed to you on a platter by the producer who caused your problem.  I  found a link to this on YouTube, and since this film was such a part of RTVF life in the 80’s, I have embedded the link below.  If only someone can answer life’s most mystical question:  “Why do we have these problems here at  the Coliseum?”.

Seconds to Play from YouTube


2 thoughts on “Seconds to Play

  1. 04/18/2013 7:30pm Moments ago I completed a tour with Dave Bitter, he had not been in this building ( Tawes Fine Arts Bldg) since 1991. He was impressed at the growth of UMTV.
    I must give THANKS to John Fleetwood for keeping the memories.
    John, come by anytime for an update to your website

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